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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

STKR Scout - Perfection Simplified

After seeing the work-in-progress shots of the Scout, produced by Canadian knifemaker Mike Pryor, owner and founder of STKR Knives in Ottawa, I virtually leaped at the opportunity to give it a go. I’m not a “knife person,” by any means. My personal philosophy has always centered around skills, where knives are simply tools to be employed when required – and tools are not to be fussed over. However, every once in a while a particular tool will stand out amongst the rest and practically beg to be employed in a practical situation. That’s where this little knife came into the picture.

The Scout is a compact drop-point, O-1 tool steel, utility knife with a 23/4” (6.5cm) long, 1/8” (4mm) thick blade and an overall length of 63/4” (17cm). Make no mistake, this blade is compact, but it’s really no larger than it needs to be. This particular Scout arrived with a mirror finish, its full tang wrapped in black paracord, and a matching black kydex sheath with integrated belt loop. The kydex sheath is of particular interest, as it can be altered to be worn either vertical or horizontal and incorporates a magnet to give the sheathing action a more positive lock. These knives are custom built to order, so there are a number of handle and finish options to choose from.

Given its small size, the Scout is best employed as a compact workhorse for detail work and camp chores, such as whittling, carving and general cutting duties, where a larger knife would be too unwieldy or cumbersome. The fairly straight drop point on the Scout lends itself to durability while also making it practical for delicate tasks, like punching holes in leather or removing an annoying splinter. For those looking for an alternative to a compact folding blade for everyday carry, the Scout would serve admirably.

Overall, the impressions on this knife are excellent. The edge arrived razor sharp, and after two weeks of use and abuse it is still hair-popping fresh. While too small for larger camp duties, such as batoning firewood, the Scout really has no equal as a companion blade. It handles confidently, comes with a fantastic kydex sheath, and looks great. The fit and finish is top notch and I’m confident that this little knife would be a welcome addition to any collection.

For those interested, you can contact STKR knives on their Facebook page here:

This Scout will be featured in an upcoming giveaway. Keep your eyes peeled!

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