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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Review: Adventure Medical EMT Shears

Made a trip out to the Burlington, Ontario 'Mountain Equipment Co-Op' location and picked up a variety of new gear.

As I was walking through the camping section, I noticed a few pairs of EMT Shears on the shelf. I've been looking everywhere for a pair of these, more for my 'range' kit, or the FAK that I bring with me to the shooting range. I couldn't believe that I could find these things, and at the price point that I did. At six dollars per pair, I picked up 2 pairs. One for my range kit and another for my camping / hiking bag.

Both kits currently have the 'shoppers drug mart' first aid scissors in them, which work well - but don't even touch these things in terms of performance. The shears are built to get through fabric quickly, and that's exactly what they do. I folded over a heavy winter sock once in half and the shears slit them right up the middle. I'd imagine these would easily cut through seatbelts, nylon webbing or winter coats.

I'm not so familiar with the brand, but at six bucks per pair - these absolutely work as an easy and practical upgrade to your first aid kit - regardless of what system your kit is attached to. They're not professional grade, but certainly an upgrade from the drug store special. Next time you're at MEC - grab a few pairs and supplement your kits.

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