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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Rope work: Bowline used for rescue work

Hello folks long time no see. Today as I sit here on the patio of my apartment enjoying my summer break I decided to do some knot work with regard to using a bowline for disaster rescue purposes.

The nice thing about the bowline is that the loop will not shrink under tension and the knot wont break easily so this can be used for everything from lowering supplies to people in collapsed buildings or like in the video attached ascending to a helicopter.

Here is a link to show you how to tie a bowline.

If you need a wider loop simply feed more rope through the "rabbit hole" that way when you cinch it the loop will be wider.

As well here is a video by David Burnell of covering the technique only he shows how to tie the knot if one of your arms was out of commission.

Hopefully this will mark my return to posting regularly on CS - everybody have a good day and stay safe.


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