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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Kershaw Clash: New EDC

Today I went out to Bass Pro in Vaughn, ON. I went in looking for something else and came out with this guy.

The Kershaw Clash.

It's about hand sized and a bit heavier than it looks.

Prior to obtaining this one, I have become accustomed to using a Kershaw Leek, a CRKT M16 EDC and a Boker Reality Series Recurve.

I was looking at a SOG folder but decided to go with kershaw for a number of reasons. Number one, customer service. before Christmas I got the Leek. During it's use it had become way to slick to open. Being the little DIY'er that I like to believe I am, I thought I'd take it apart and tighten the spring up a little. Not knowing anything about assisted-open knives, I unscrewed it with the spring wound.


Parts go flying everywhere, bending the tension bar in the process. After a few emails with Kershaw - I recieved a parts kit and repair tool in the mail. FREE.

I got it from a third party source and the company STILL honoured their product. Needless to say I was VERY happy with this exchange and was more than willing to buy another product.

I purchased Kershaw because I have NEVER - read: NEVER - had a problem with their blades. I had dinged up the CRKT, chipped the Boker.... that Leek has taken a BEATING and still cuts. It could definitely use a good sharpening, but it CUTS. I've cut boxes out of drywall with it, and it still CUTS. Good in my books.

Now, onto the Clash.

It fits in the palm of my hand with about a centimeter out on each end. I don't care much for measurements - instead, we'll stick to real-world ratios. The clip on the back is nice and strong. It's wide and really sturdy.

The knife POPS open - could use a little working, which I'm sure is bound to happen once I am back at work.

The frame very closely resembles a Leek. The screws are all in the same spots and the blade dips into the frame the same way. It's definitely heavier than the Leek but not so much that it won't be adopted into my EDC kit.

I got the spearpoint blade with semi serrations on the bottom, my first serrated blade!

It stands up to the fingernail test very well. Very, very sharp.

Overall, a very nice knife at a very affordable rate.

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