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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Review: MTM Snap Caps - 12g

Went to my local shooting sports store today and picked up two packages of MTM Snap Caps.

I had used the red steel snap caps in my CFSC testing and thought this was the only - or most readily available brand of snap caps. I called the store on a whim just to see if they had any more, as I had wanted to practice reloading drills, running dry.

They informed me that the MTM packs came in groups of three at a price point of 10 bucks a pack. Compared to the price I paid from Brownelles for the steel ones, this was a fantastic buy. Some would probably argue that the steel ones better emulate a live round given their wheight, however - I'm trying to hone my movements for now and don't believe that I have to rely as much on the reality of the round as much as I do my muscles memorizing the movements I'm making.

A few things - they're black plastic and definitely light. I think they're a little bit smaller then a standard 2 3/4 " shotgun shell - maybe a bit thinner. I believe this is what caused a few failure to feed's during my practice time with them. I'm not completely ruling out operator error - I'm just saying that they feel a little small in the hand.

At 10 bucks a pair, I couldn't help getting enough to fit my side saddle - which is the second reason I wanted to get them. I found that my side saddle was REALLY tight to get rounds in and out of. I'm going to leave these in place and hopefully break it in a little.

Overall - a good purchase and I would recommend this product easily at ten bucks for a pack of three.

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