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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Responsibility - Awareness

On forums and message-boards, people generally throw the word 'awareness' around in dealing with civilian sheepdog related topics. Awareness is broad and complicated. It refers to both personal and public awareness.

Firstly, a couple questions to get us going...

-Are we, as dedicated citizens required to help others become aware of particular situations we currently face?

-Should we be 'switched on' at all times?

-What conversations are appropriate?

We have to be aware. This much is simply obvious. Sometimes we forget that, in between watching youtube specials and google'ing new gear, that we all have lives to lead. Am I 'switched on' all the time? Yes. Let me explain.

My 'radar' - as I call it - is always on. More often than not, it's on stand-by in the back of my head. Walk me down a corridor in a neighbourhood I'm not familiar with and I'm a different person. I don't take for granted the timely arrival of police services in a unfriendly situation. I don't assume that people will always be there to help.

I'm aware of my surroundings and the people that enter them. This is one type of awareness - physical awareness.

I'm also mentally aware of my predispositions towards certain people and places - given my history with them. I'm conscious of the fact that certain people do not share my point of view on certain subjects. Prepping, economy, politics.

That's fine - it's all personal, and everyone is automatically personally responsible for being aware of the actions and events that surround them. I really couldn't care how comfortable a person feels in their house - what if it burns down. Sure, they've got a nice car - what if it's stolen. Be aware - don't depend on exterior forces to do this for you.

But what about any responsibility to the public?

We aren't paid by the government to help anyone. We certainly aren't rewarded.

I believe in community and volunteerism. If you think that something bad is about to happen - and you have the time and material to help someone prepare for this and feel safe doing so... by all means.

I believe in community and volunteerism. It's lost - but we can find it.

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