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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Review: CLC Pro Framer XC gloves

I couldn't help myself. Walking through Home Depot today I was passing the work gloves section when these grabbed my attention. I've been looking for a good pair of utility gloves for some time now - since loosing my Mechanix light duty's on a work site.

I picked up a few pairs before I saw these ones - and I stayed with them after inspecting them a little closer. Compared to the other models, I liked the stitching on this model. It seemed a little more robust and more conducive to some other tasks I have planned for this piece of gear.

I plan to use these gloves in the bush, hiking, shooting and at work. In this way - I'm really stretching the line for a pair of store bought utility gloves. After picking up a couple pairs of Mechanix at Lowes - I went with this brand, they seem more robust but still remain light and slim. They've got reinforced palms and knuckles with a little bit of soft padding around each knuckle. They're reinforced around the holding edge of the hand - inside the thumb to index finger ridge.

Another feature that can be found on a variety of different work-glove models is the cut off index and middle finger tips and the half cut thumb. This allows for the use of your digits to manipulate small objects comfortably. That'll come in handy for both putting in screws and tactical reloads.

Especially for something that I know will be seeing a lot of action - I don't particularly care about it's 'style'. These are black and grey with some yellow stitching. They're built solid and ring in at about 25 bucks. I'm hoping they'll last through a good season of outdoor use and provide the protection I need at work, on the range and in the wild.

Used these gloves before? Tell us.


  1. They had the tips off already? very nice... Beats having to cut them off yourself. Its not my personal style but maybe I should give them a try. wonder if they come in camo, LOL

  2. ironclad makes a good glove a little more $ but worth it, i still have a pair from 10 years ago a little beat up but still kicking

  3. I still have my original set of CLC "Pro Framer" gloves been with me for 10 years now and have done everything from building decks for family, to construction, to tactical shooting courses and work in hazardous areas.

    I even used them more than a few times when some buddies called up wanting to play some paintball on the weekends and they are STILL going strong with no signs of threads popping or wearing out they DEFINITELY don't look "new" but I can't break em!