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Thursday, September 1, 2011

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22 B&G
22 TAN

Embroidered patches with velcro backing. The 'other side' of the velcro also included and cut to shape for application on clothing and gear if you don't have any available velcro space on it already.

4 inches tall.

One in tan/brown subdued, one in black and grey.

In Canada - 10 bucks shipped.
Worldwide - 10 bucks plus shipping.

SPECIAL: 17 bucks for one of each colour. (plus shipping for worldwide orders)

For orders I will accept PayPal or EMT.

Send EMT/PayPal and FULL mailing address to the link below.


Well - we've stepped into that next level as an online community. Now, you can represent your beliefs in the Civilian Sheepdog mindset by slapping a patch on your shoulder when you go to the range - or on your bag when you go to school.

We've got patched professionally done in two colours displaying the CSD shield. It's branding without the brand!

There's no 'dot com' address to be seen on these patches, so they qualify more as a morale patch than they do a representation of our community. You'll know the difference though - that in purchasing your patch directly from CSD, you're not only providing support to expand the reach and depth of the movement, but you're also getting one straight from the source -

CSD has always been, above all - a one man initiative by myself. I've provided all the funding to get this site off the ground and to continue the growth we've seen so far - a little help couldn't hurt. Some forums just ask outright for money - and you might get a little tag or a label to broadcast your support. With CSD, you'll get a patch to physically wear - and if anything else, I promise it'll be a conversation starter.

Included in every patch order is a bunch of QR code stickers so you can point others towards the site.

Thanks for the support - FIGHT THE WOLVES.


Dollar Store Stove.
Read our review HERE.

Comes with the stove and a package of 12 flame tablets. The tablets burn for approximately 4 minutes and can boil water in my army canteen cup. When I reviewed this product I said I'd pick a few up for those that wanted in on the savings.

Selling for 6 dollars plus shipping. (covering my cost to drive out of the city for them - found them passing through Cambridge and picked a few up.)

I've only got 4. Will ship worldwide. If I see that a bunch of people want this thing, I'll go back and get a bunch more. I looked at this piece of kit as a part of my 'field testing' article recently and am still impressed by the quality and more importantly, the low cost of fuel as compared to products you might find elsewhere.

I got these things from the buck store - there is no warranty. Look at it this way - you get a decent little stove and a great price on fuel tablets.

For orders I will accept PayPal or EMT.

Send EMT/PayPal and FULL mailing address to the link below.



  1. Can I send a money order??? Forestsight

  2. 3 years later, are these still available?

  3. Are you guys still selling the "Civilian Sheepdog" patches?

    How much for 1?
    How much if I get 1 of each color?

    Are you guys in Canada or USA (US is where I live)

  4. Hi there it's 2016 These still available. I live in Canada.

  5. In Ontario...would like two patches...won't let me click on anything. Just need to know whom do I contact?