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Monday, September 5, 2011

Review: Fab Defence PR870

I'm going to start going through my 870 and reviewing all the parts - Currently, I have a PR870 forend on it, and that's what I'll be looking at today. It usually goes for around 65 bucks online and is absolutely well worth the money. It's ability to transform the handling of your gun is outstanding.

The Fab Defence PR870 is a forend for the 870 platform. It's got two short rails on each side and a long rail underneath. These points allow for the attachment of your standard targeting apparatus - lights, lasers and infrared lighting accessories. The bottom rail is suited for these as well as foregrips - if you're running a pistol grip, and perhaps even if you're not.

When I had the pistol grip on my gun, I used a Tango Down QD Foregip - this made the gun much easier to point in my case. It might be a personal preference, but I loved the way that it locked into my shoulder when my front hand was cycling the forend. It made for sharp movement and an easier reloading step when doing it in a hurry. Usually, you'd slide your hand over the forend when done rocking the shell into the chamber, to ready the gun for firing. When there is a foregrip attached to the PR870, you don't really need to focus as much on that movement because your hand will inevitably rack up against the vertical grip jutting out from the forend itself.

The bottom rail is moulded directly to the forend itself while the side rails have screws to allow for their removal. Since I've had it, a number of mounts have been popped on and off the side rails; there has been no sign of wear or any kind of loosening to be seen.

It slides well and has a ribbed texture to keep a good grip. I've tested the grip wearing gloves and bare hand, it provides a sturdy grip and smooth handling in both situations.

The grip serves it's purpose - it allows for accessories to be attached and provides a stable grip. It's a good upgrade and I would suggest you take a good look at it. It's not covered in rails, it's economical and it has practical uses.

If you're interested in 870 accessories, check out the article we're doing on the 870 platform, or this FREE GIVEAWAY for some S&J Hardware parts - heck, while you're at it, go sign in on our FORUM!

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