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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Review: Dollar Store Camp Stove

In the buck store today - I stumbled upon this little gem. It cost two dollars; how could I NOT try one?

The packaging said it included fuel tablets - so I took the whole thing out of the box to give it a look. After unfolding it, I threw it back into the box and decided to wait until I got home to take the 'closer look'.

It did in fact include a pre-packaged set of 'fuel tablets'. I'm not sure what they are made of, but they sure stink when they burn. I tested one on my 'garbage grill' - the one I test stuff on. I held an open flame to the tablet for 12 seconds to no avail in a light wind. When I shut the lid on the grill and tried again - a flame!

The tablet held a flame, but I had nothing to test how long it took to boil. In any case, I plan on using this as a last-resort stove to be heated with a super cat stove.

An excellent buy - even if it doesn't last decades, it will stay in my pack until I need it.


  1. What? Dollar store stove? Im on it...

  2. There is a video on YouTube by bushcraftbartons on this stove. It certainly looks to be worth the $2.00. I think it is available in Canadian dollar stores. Hope this helps