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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

DIY - Oil Lantern

These things have multiple uses - from an emergency light source to a functional backyard ornament. It's very cheap to make and very efficient lighting - in comparison to other things I found around the house... candles, tea lights. Of course, nothing comes close to some of my flashlights in terms of light output, but in terms of a make-fast solution, this more than fits the bill.

I went to the buck store today to get material to try this out. I had posted a youtube video about this and have been meaning to test it out ever since. I had originally just wanted to use this, as stated, in the backyard in the summertime for a bit of ambient lighting. That said, I can absolutely see the value in this type of project for use in an emergency. Even just the knowledge of how to pull it off - if you didn't want to make one right away.

I got a couple different sized mason-type jars with fold over lids. The rest I had laying around the house.

Other items I used were a bit of paracord, a couple peices of cotton rope from a mop head, a wire coat hanger and a bit of trapping wire.

I cut off pieces of the wire hanger to act as a handle for both the jar itself and a separate one for the wick - to be able to adjust it if need be. I used the bit of trapping wire to secure the wick. I used the paracord to cobra-stitch the handle with a decorative monkey fist knot on the end.

Basically - follow the youtube link I posted and have at it. Test your kit before you need it - and have a big BBQ, it's a great excuse to make a bunch of these.

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