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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Review: Meal Kit Supply Part 3 of 4

Welcome back!

Part three of our four part look at the product supplied to us by Meal Kit Supply. We've reviewed two different MRE's and we're here to look at the third of four. Unfortunately, there wasn't much more to this one than there was to the others that we had sampled.

First of all, I can't go on enough about the Wheat Snack Bread!

When I opened this MRE up and saw that it included a Snack Bread - I immediately opened it up and took a bite. Awesome.

One thing that was included in this MRE that hadn't been included in any others was a little packet of silica-type substances. It's to keep everything fresh. Nice to see.

If you meet me in a situation where we're eating MRE's and want to trade a poptart for your Snack Bread... just ask.

Really tasty. However - I didn't have the jam this time, I had peanut butter. I don't personally like peanut butter. I don't have an allergy, but I just don't like it. Gave it to my wife to try - she said it was like any other peanut butter she had tried, and liked it.

The biggest thing included in this MRE that we hadn't tried before was the Mixed Fruit. It is packaged in a cardboard box - one thing I thought was really neat was the inclusion of a post card. When you flip the package over, there's a spot to write out a post card. Could be me, but I thought that was a really useful idea for the packaging.

So - it's basically what you used to eat as a kid. Like a fruit cup in a bag. Good, sweet and sugary. Would prove to be a good snack and definitely a morale booster. My wife agrees - really good.

As I had said before, we got a bunch of stuff we had reviewed before in this pack, so we only really wanted to focus on the things we hadn't touched on yet. This portion of the review turned out not to be as long and detailed as the other parts - just because we didn't have as much material.

Touch back for part 4 and a comparison of popular consumer-grade MRE's. Again, these products seem, on the surface, only suited to emergencies - however, the food enclosed is really tasty and could easily be taken to eat on a hike, in a boat or on a sunday afternoon - in your living room. Might be pricey to eat regularly, and I'm no nutritionist, but it's much more than 'emergency food'.

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