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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Buddy Burner

After reading a post on CGN, I ventured out to my local dollar store to pick up material.

I got - 10 'emergency' candles. Just straight white wax candles, about an inch think by an inch and a half tall. Yep. That's about it.

I took an old soup can and bent the top to make a little spout.

I gathered 4 old catfood cans I had been collecting since hearing about this project - cleaned out and the label taken off.

I also gathered a bunch of sawdust from work. More on that later.

One more thing I got ready was a few egg carton shells.

So - the basic premise is this; I wanted to make 2 things, a couple firestarters and a few 'buddy burners'. I added the sawdust that I used to make the firestarters to the buddy burners, hoping that if I ever needed them as a firestarter as well, they could double as such.

Under no circumstances should this article be taken as a 'you should do' speech. These instructions are provided as educational material only.

So, I put my 'wax can' in a pot of water and put the heat on high. As you can see I put a little divet in the can to aid in pouring the wax. I cut some strips of cardboard out and rolled them into the cans of catfood - directions taken from above CGN post.

Once some wax is melted down, I poured it on top of the cardboard and sawdust in the little cans. I put wax in the egg cartons as well, mixed up with sawdust for little firestarters. It all worked well, as far as I know. We tested them out in the backyard - they worked really well and I'll be adding them to my camping and hiking kit.

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