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Friday, May 13, 2011

IRL: Freezies

Based on a situation I encountered this week - I'm starting a new segment. Other authors are welcome to follow suit. Any post starting with IRL - In Real Life. We'll address real life 'bad situations' that require a degree of thinking on one's feet and putting training to use.

Here's the skinny - on my way to Home Depot, I got a frantic call from my wife - the kind that puts shivers down your back. She was crying and really worked up - something about 'hurting' her 'foot', while out on a walk. Needless to say, I didn't exactly observe local traffic bylaws when I pulled a U-Turn to head home.

When I got in, I rushed upstairs to find my wife sitting down on the couch - her foot on the coffee table. Obviously in pain, she was quite worked up. I asked the major questions - what happened?!

She took a missed step into a pothole, or something like that. Already, I could see the ankle was swollen when compared to her other one. She already had a cold-pack under it, wrapped in a dish cloth. I knew at the very least - we needed to get this iced, before it was looked at by a professional. I took a look in the freezer. Half empty bags of veggies, meat, half an ice cream cake... and a drawer full of freezies.

We soon learned the secondary value of freezies - they can be shaped. We bent them around the ankle to aid in keeping the swelling down. It worked in a pinch - and we should have had cold packs. The thing is, we didn't. Freezies worked, and are delicious.  Another angle on a hidden use for an item I would have completely overlooked. In real life - freezies work.

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