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Monday, May 23, 2011

Warrior Mind Set and being a Civilian Sheepdog...

Warrior Mind Set........

I have just completed a Carbine Rifle Instructors course and it was filled with some amazing and talented Rifle Operators that now want to be certified as instructors.

Everyone there was either military or Law Enforcement personnel with many years of service and experience.

We started to discuss the topic of a "Warrior Mindset" and amazing enough our conversation falls into the parameters of being a Civilian Sheepdog.

First off I should focus in what a Warrior Mindset is.

Every great culture around the world had their warriors or sheepdogs and the mind set developed was all the same, no matter what the cultural barriers were.

It is to engage in combat with an other human being and fight for what is right no matter what the consequences are.

A Warrior will not cower even if his or her actions many walk them through the fields of death.

The reason I am writing about this idea of life morality is because the word warrior is drastically diluted by the media. Such things are 'arm chair warrior', 'weekend warrior' and even describing every person who battled disease or addiction as a 'warrior'. Don't get me wrong I have a vast respect for those who have battled illness or addiction. I have fought through illness and know what a fight one must to preserver but that did not make me a warrior.

The key being that it is a violent battle with an other human being that may cause you death or grevious injury. It is easy to sit back and say that you crash helmets together on a playing field but there is no direct association to the possibility of death from that sport. Standing up to a group of thugs that are about to assault or rape a woman, well that has a very high chance of injury or death. That is what makes a warrior.

What makes a warrior is the path in life that they choose and the fact that they always walk in the direction of their moral compass. A warrior will draw a line in the sand and no matter what battle faces him or her they will stand fast and face the challenge.

Now lets take the idea of being a warrior and place it on being a Civilian Sheepdog. Are you willing to stand up for what is right or wrong? Are you willing to help the weaker people in society (the sheeple) as the wolves try to prey on them?

Being a Sheepdog is no easy task because it requires action, not words to prove self worth. Do you train for that moment were you are blessed to be in combat or do you talk about taking the training? Do you actually tune your body for combat or do you continually talk about those last ten pounds you want to loose? Is your mind ready for the event because you have studied the affects of stress and adrenaline on the human body?

When the time comes and sh*t starts to hit the fan are you going to run away from the violence or are you going to stand up and fight because it is the right thing to do?

If so, my fellow sheepdog, start training, start fighting and start educating yourself on human violence.

So that when the day comes you will not say what the sheeple say.

"Oh my god, I cant believe this is happening to me......."

You will have the Warrior Mindset and your inner dialog will reflect that what you have been training for.

"Thank god this is happening to me because I have been training for it........"

I think John Wayne said it best......
"If you talk the talk you better walk the walk"

Thanks for your time and stay safe, John Smith.

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