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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Review: Silverdale Gun Club

I'm not sure if the township is actually called 'silverdale', but the club is called the Silverdale Gun Club. It's located at 4948 Conc 4 Rd. St. Anns, Ontario. The website for the club can be found here.

So - a quick review. A friend and I went to the club this afternoon as 'guests' on a day-pass. We were greeted by very friendly and knowledgeable reception staff and were given 'guest' tags as well as the clubs newsletter brochure. We paid 20 bucks to use the ranges from 9am to 5pm.

On driving down the road to the 50 meter range, we noticed the club to be very clean and more friendly than we had remembered other clubs being.

During our stay we met the usual suspects, from the over-authoritative RO staff to the friendly shooters. A few things to note - not all the RO staff appeared to have the 'chip on the shoulder' routine, only a select few. The other thing that stands out is that this club doesn't appear to have the 'olde boys club' attitude towards guests and new members. If only because of that last point, we'll be going back - again and again.

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  1. The range is located in "St. Anns" Ontario :)