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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Review: Outbound 60L Pack

Taken from Outbound's website:

Product SKU: OB-BP-27529-600
MSRP: CAD $120.00

Full featured large volume styled backpack. Hydration compatible, with a large main compartment with divider. Two bellows side pockets and 2 concealed pockets. Rain cover on board and multiple tool attachments. Compression straps to secure all your gear.

Mat 600D Polyester/PU and Nylon Dobby
Vol 65 + 10 L / 3966 in3
Size 45W × 38D × 73H cm (17¾" × 15" × 29")
Wt 5 lbs / 2.3 kg


Outbound's 60L Canyon Pack

I picked up the Canyon 60+10L pack from Canadian Tire on a whim. I had never used Outbound gear before and truthfully had not ever heard of them. After posting on CGN for some input from other users, I went back and bought it. Only after reading the tag was I even more impressed. I got this pack for nearly half off it's regular price - I paid about 60 bucks!

So far, I've taken the pack on a day trip, but nothing longer. I've taken it on the trail; rod, reel and tackle box all cinched down on the bag itself. Some things I have attached more carefully are my trail knife - a SOG Seal Pup and a Tasco 10X monocular. I picked up a coil of diamond weave nylon rope on the same day. After attaching a few hooks on the end, it's always on the bag; to tie up the dog or otherwise. It's always good to have rope.

The bag has a great design. Two big pouches - the main internal pouch which also houses the steel H-Frame and a spot to keep your hydration bladder. It has the usual hole in the top to weave out your hydration hose. The internal pouch does not have any type of organizer - but a few pouches can remedy that. It opens from the top with two draw-strings. One on the inside, one on the outside to hold the whole thing closed. I'm personally used to clam-shell backpacks, so packing this one to use on the trail was a little different for me. You have to pack by priority - most used stuff at the top.

Rear view - Canyon 60L Pack
The pouch at the bottom is a great idea - not to say that it's an original one... Separate and waterproofed from the main internal pouch, I use it to carry things that would be wet and dirty. I also keep vacuum sealed first aid equipment in there - I'm not worried about it being damaged by the weight of the pack itself when resting on the ground.

The top flap, that folds over the internal-pouch entrance also has storage on the outside and the inside, where I keep my fire building materials, a camp stove and a buddy burner. On the outside of the top pouch I keep my rain gear - a waterproof coat and the included rain fly. That's another thing about this bag - it comes with a rain fly, and it actually works!

I got caught in the rain, on a trail, on the way back from fishing - it perfectly shed water, after less than a minute of set-up time.

Rain Fly
The other big thing about a bag like this - the fit. At first, this bag really tugged on my shoulders. I had to spend a good 30 minutes fitting and refitting to get a good, solid fit. This could be because of my inexperience with larger bags - or at least bags that have a built in frame. Once it was correctly fitted, and I could give it a walk around the block with a bunch of blankets inside, with no pulling, I buttoned up all the loose straps. A couple strips of black duct tape later and the bag was fitted and nicely tied up.

I would definately reccomend this product to the average hiker - but I'm not sure how it would last on an extended trip. The only reason I reserve that opinion is because I have not personally tested the bag in this way. Otherwise - it's a lot of storage with built in rain protection. A great buy and great value.

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