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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Review: Tasco 10X Monocular

Went to Canadian Tire today to get a food vacuum sealer, and came back with this; Tasco's 10X Monocular. That happens to me often - go in looking for one thing, and come out with extras. Impulse I guess.

It was 19.99 - a steal for what you're getting. My philosophy of use here included the ability to see further, without the bulk and obvious 'look' of binoculars. I want to keep this in my get home bag, in the event that I need to see what's going on ahead - without looking too obvious about it. For instance, I don't want to paint myself as a target, but in the event of a long-term traffic jam or something like that - I could use the ability to see what's going on, up the road a ways.

It's little enough to forget about - fits evenly in my hand. It's light enough to just keep in the bag without any major issue at all. The glass isn't high-quality, let's get serious, I paid 20 bucks for it. It's 'good enough' as a tool that has it's use, and nothing more.

The image is crystal clear - it even came with a little microfiber cloth, that I keep in the included nylon case.

A good buy - would have multiple uses outdoors and on a bad day. Recommended.


  1. Do you have binoculars to compare this against?

    I have the small binoculars by this company that you see sold everywhere but for the amount that I use it I've been thinking about an even smaller monocular like this one. Is there any loss of depth perception with just one eye being used?

  2. I only have a small pair of 20 dollar pawn shop binoculars to compare against.

    There's a LITTLE loss of depth, but nothing I couldn't personally handle. I bought this to be attached to my backpack's waist belt - to be used almost exclusively as a 'hey, look at that' - quick fix... conserving weight but still having the option of extended sight.

    Thanks for reading.

  3. I have an older version of this same product, and I have to say, if I just want a quick look, I go to this rather than to any of my (multiple) sets of bino's. The focus adjustment on it is quick and simple, and the glass is surprisingly good for the price you pay.
    One word of advice, the attachment point for the lanyard is CRAP, make sure you crimp it closed as far as you can, and check it periodically.