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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

What's on your feet?

A often overlooked aspect of preparedness is footwear. Everybody has shoes. Not everybody takes care of what goes inside of them.

First off, a Canadian article that peaked my interest regarding foot care can be found here. If I gained one little quip of truth from this article it was this; "Don't screw around with your feet".

It's true. At the end of the day, those little appendages at the end of your legs carry you around... EVERYWHERE.

I personally wore skateboarding shoes for YEARS. I found them the most comfortable on my feet and in my wallet. I'm not much for style - as long as it feels good. Skateboarding shoes fit the bill for all this time. I worked jobs that required average walk-time and didn't really have a lot of extra foot traffic beyond that.

Since I started working in my current position, I spend MUCH more time on my feet. As such, I have drastically changed my footwear. I've since been wearing a shoe more akin to hiking. I've been wearing the Refuge Pro from Merrel and have never EVER experienced a more comfortable shoe. I can go on 14-16 hour shifts with no complaints. I don't have any kind of special insert in them but I feel comfortable saying they will probably feel as good months from now.

Check em out: (Merrell | Store | Refuge Pro)

Anyways, brings me to my point; what's on your feet?

Flashlights and First Aid Kits are really great resources for anyone concerned with preparedness, but if you have to leave - FAST - the last thing you'll do is put on your shoes.

How long can they last on a really, really bad day?

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