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Friday, March 18, 2011

Hype: Don't be afraid - BE PREPARED

We're living in uncertain times. That's the best way to really describe what's going on, globally. We're uncertain about Japan's nuclear dilemma. We're uncertain about the future that faces our Japanese brothers and sisters. We're uncertain about radiation and it's true effect on both local Japan and worldwide. We're uncertain our economy and we're uncertain, to say the least, about almost everything else.

It's an unfortunate fact of reality. There are very, very few things that are completely dependable. There are even fewer that are certain. Fortunately, we innately bear the requirements of survival in this uncertain and undependable world.

It would be easy for me to find pictures from this past week to scare you. Nuclear reactors, tsunami victims, earthquake destruction. Death, decay. Chaos. I could list figures and representations of what's expected to come. Even better, I could compare this weeks events with things that have happened in the past.

If you want to be scared - do a quick google search for "Japan Nuclear Meltdown". That's scary. No doubt about it. Even the thought of a nuclear emergency is frightening. Most of us are so far removed from the thought processes behind atomic energy and it's related safety concerns that we can't even fathom the consequences should those saftey measures fail. It's simply beyond the scope of the layman's understanding.

Therefore, we rely completely on mass media for information. This is both good and bad. Good, there are now - thanks to the internet - millions of resources for information. Bad, simply because of the multitude of information sources - all of them can not be credible. Good, there is an instant, constant live feed at your fingertips. Bad, time and time again, things are misreported and sensationalized.

I'm just asking Sheepdog readers to be careful. It's a dangerous place out there - even moreso on the internet. There's always so much going on, falsehoods can easily slip through unnoticed. If you're looking for specific information, to convince your subconscious or otherwise, you'll find it on the internet.

Here's the thing... There's no way we could ever be prepared for everything. Should we therefore 'bite the bullet' and accept common defeat as our eventual, certain outcome?

Of course not.

Remember. Life is uncertain. Prepare for the worst, hope for the best. Really - prepare for the worst, don't expect it.

Take a look at daffodils. They're absolutely beautiful.

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