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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tac Med Solutions

Found an excellent resource. Even past their web-based education portal, the prices from their tactical-based first aid equipment is awesome.

Tac Med Soloutions

Copied from Tac Med Soloutions: About

The purpose of the TacMed Blog is to serve as a conduit between combat and tactical medics in the military and law enforcement communities around the world. Our hope is that the information here will enhance your abilities to minimize preventable deaths by offering educational dialog regarding issues faced by medics in these communities. We welcome you to comment on our entries, request that specific topics be covered, and even become a guest poster.

All of our employees are former tactical medical professionals or have a close relationship with them. We maintain close ties with some of the most elite and experienced medics in the world and every one of our products must pass their evaluation before we put our name on it. We understand the principles of human performance as it relates to combat stress and design our products to complement that performance not complicate it. This approach to product development and evaluation leads to products that truly work in combat. We don’t design products to pass a structured laboratory test in a controlled environment or barely meet a requirement as a substitute. They are designed to function when there is no structure, when you have minimal supplies and very little time. When there is no one else there to help, and you probably have more than one casualty. You are trying to save lives while someone is trying to take yours. That is the environment of the tactical health care provider and that is where our products excel.

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