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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Appreciate the rule of law and the feelings of safety and security while you can.

G'day folks.

I dont have a huge amount to say today but I just want you to think about something briefly. Regardless of whatever crime statistics or talk about bad neighbourhoods that you want to talk about by being a part of the first world by being a part of this country means that we live in one of the safest places on earth. I can walk down my street at night (most nights at least) without any fear of being harmed I can go to sleep knowing that chances are good I will wake up the next morning. Cherish every moment of this comfort my friends.

That safety can be taken away from us in an instant. Our opposition the threats for which we train for is not just the people we may one day have to fight off or the animal that could be the answer between starvation and survival. I believe and I dont think anyone can disagree with me that our biggest enemy is mother nature this has been proven many times and our generation has seen it first hand in Haiti and most recently on the island of Japan.

Alongside these horrible disasters which have torn through Japan, Chile and Haiti there are millions of people around the world who do not live with the same comforts we enjoy every day. These people live all across the world and on occasion right here on our own soil.

At this very moment to be brief we have civil unrest in Libya and Egypt and we have almost endless political crisis and military conflict in Afghanistan and Iraq, crime and terrorism off the coast of africa and on occasion threats that strike right here in our own backyard. (crime and domestic terrorism)

Alongside all of these horrible events that we watch on CNN and CBC every night we have people in this very country right now. A country by most other standards of living would be considered impossible to starve in we have people who right now cannot afford both power and food. we have people who cannot afford medicine which they require because it is not considered vital for maintaining life. The sheepdog mindset in my opinion has evolved from a brief little quote taken from a psychology professor and has created its own belief system and society.

Something that is in between a civilian and a warrior. Someone who stands ready to keep the wolves of everyday life at bay be they natural or man made, someone who is comfortable risking their neck to protect someone else simply because it is the right thing to do.

In closing please join in sending out some prayers for the people of Japan who right now are not in the best of places and If you can afford to do so then please considering donating to the relief effort you can do so via the Canadian Red Cross, UNICEF Canada and World Vision Canada as well as through most mobile service providers.

And I just want to leave you with a challenge. please think about how you can make an impact in your community. no matter how small an impact you make somebody will appreciate it.

Be ready and stay safe


  1. This is a great article. Since we live in such a soft, safe and comfortable world we often forget that we are part of bigger place.
    Our lives get caught up in the media, consumerism hype surrounding us and we loose focus onwhat is outside our front door.
    What have you done for your neighbour, your community lately?

  2. Hi John thanks so much for your comment and for reading Civiliansheepdog!