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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Review: SOG Seal Pup

What a weekend!

Got a package in the mail and a plastic bag from my Dad. In the mail, I got a new fab defense fore-end for my 870, review pending. In the bag, my dad brought me back a SOG Seal Pup from a busy week of holidays. What a guy!

I opened the box and took out the nylon-reinforced sheath and just smiled. This is the knife of knives. As far as I'm concerned, I don't need to buy a knife for quite some time now. I have a S&W SAR, a Kershaw folder for EDC and this SOG. I've wanted this knife since I first saw it. I love the blade style, I really like the sheath and from the reviews I've read, it'll do exactly what I need it to; cut stuff, quickly and efficiently.

I'm excited to put this to use. I plan to mount it to my main vest, just above my left shoulder. It seems most practical there, until I have use for it on a belt or otherwise. Call it mall ninja - I say it works for me... is there anything else that really matters in gear acquisition, besides personal preferences?

The blade itself is, as listed on the SOG site, AUS 6. More details can be found through any of the numerous online reviews of this particular blade, but I'll do a quick copy/paste from the SOG site to outline the main features of this knife:

Blade Length 4.75" x .16"
Overall Length 9"
Weight 5.4 oz.
Edge Partially Serrated
Steel AUS 6
HRC 56-57
Finish Powder coated

Taking it out of the sheath, the knife falls into the hand naturally and is satisfying to hold. It fits my hands nicely - not too big, not too small. The blade length feels 'right' for most administrative cutting needs. Used as a tool, this knife will mesh nicely among the things I most often bring out on a shooting day or into the bush.

Out of the box, it is VERY sharp. The serrations fit into my ideal pattern and location - more for really cutting through something than just for looks. Now, I am by no means any kind of professional knife reviewer or for that matter, user. I do know what I know, and I know what I need. I need a knife that won't faulter at the worst possible time. I need a tool I can trust my life to. I feel that way about this knife - I have for a long time, even before owning one. The test remains, however, in the field.

I plan to use this knife in the field. That's the difference. The pictures you see in this article are out-of-the-box brand new. I don't believe in safe-queens. I want to see what this thing will do. I look forward to testing myself in the process.

On the outside of the sheath, there's a nice pouch that came empty, unlike my S&W SAR. I can put a sharpener in there, or possibly a few things that don't have a dedicated space but are handy to have: a glowstick, matches...

All in all, a GREAT gift. Thanks Dad.

Wonderful knife for a great price. Sure, it might be the stuff of glorified gun magazine ad's but I believe it's performance in the field will (hopefully) squelch the efforts of internet-trolls. I hope that I'm not proven wrong, because I am invested in the idea that it's a great tool. Time will tell, and so will I.

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