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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Review: LED Lenser P4

Advertised at 14 lumens, with a 96 hour battery life, this light fit the bill for the latest place on my EDC checklist - a penlight. Of course, it's labelled as tactical and has a textured, flat black body... does this matter?

No, but I'm sure it had a part to play in the 30 dollar price tag.

It's a wee bit overpriced - but I recently ordered a flashlight off Dealextreme that took 6 weeks to come in. I need a penlight - and have needed one - today. I got this one from my local Lowe\s store.

It has decent throw, decent brightness and decent weight to size ratio. It's powered by AAA batteries and has a focusable lens - almost useless on a little light like this but maybe good for some folks. Another point to notice is that the pocket clip is not fixed to the light itself. It's strong enough, but I'll most likely tape it in place.

Decent, but only decent.

1 comment:

  1. The "Tactical" is crap, paint anything black these days and WOW it's now tactical! I'd hardly call 12 Lumens tactical but if I used the light as a Kubotan, well then I would be using it in a tactical manner.

    It is nice to see a light where it isn't always about high lumens, sometimes you just need a small handy light that won't blind the user.