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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Philosophy: Sheepdog Mindset I

I named this article with more in mind. I'm not sure if I'll cover everything to be said on the topic, so I'll leave it open to write another one.

There's one determining factor that separates people in times of crisis. Mindset. I'm not sure if it's some kind of innate ability to be able to separate yourself from a crisis as it is unfolding, but the 'survivors' have it. Wording it like this lends the conversation to be geared more towards the SHTF or worst-case-scenario type of situation, but a forward-thinking, resourceful mindset is a game-changer all the time. From the smallest encounters to the largest, life altering emergencies, mindset is your most important tool.

Forget knives and multi-tools, dehydrated foods and first-aid training; if you do not mentally prepare yourself for using the devices you've acquired, they'll be close to useless in your hands. Sure, adrenaline and the 'rush' of the moment would spring you into action - that's why you're preparing - but are you ready to get your hands bloody? Are you prepared to talk about the possibilities of emergency situations in your local area with family and friends? If you see a woman crying, running away from the open door of a house, what will you do?

Of course I'm not suggesting direct intervention of any kind - that is best left to trained and respected professionals. Anyone familiar with group dynamics will understand the psychology behind groupthink. Especially when faced with a situation in front of other people, be it the public eye or the people you 'believe' are watching and judging you, action might need to be taken. Moreover, you might be the only one willing, sufficiently trained or brave enough to intervene.

Are you self-aware? Do you know your weak spots and situations that make you feel uncomfortable?

It's worth a look deep inside of yourself - to know yourself now, so you don't need to find out later. When we're thrust into a new situation we learn all kinds of things about ourselves - but it's good to know what you can now so that if someone needs help, you can be there.

I've heard a lot of e-chatter regarding the 'sheepdog mindset'. How we're some kind of 'super hero wannabe' and all things like that.

I remember, growing up in southwestern Ontario - the community had a part in my upbringing. I knew neighbours on both sides and had a good idea of who to go to if I needed help. These days, I get maybe four or five trick or treater's at Halloween. I get awkward looks when I wave to people on my street - and not like a lunatic, just a friendly finger wave off the steering wheel. We're all afraid of each other.

I'm not trying to save the world either. I am, however, trying to actively be a part of making this place a better space for all who deserve it and for those yet to come. I am trying to make sure that if someone needs help, I can help. That's all, just to help someone - what's so bad about that?

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