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Tuesday, June 28, 2011


A simple review for a simple product.

I received my envelope of nametapes that I ordered today. Finally, after the postal workers returned to work, I got a package with all that I ordered from

What's a nametape?

It depends on who you ask. For some, it's military mandated identification and must fit certain prerequisites for uniform standards. For others, it's a label and others still, a simple ID system.

I use mine for a few different things.

I've got a few with velcro backing that read 'wish' - a shortened version of my online username. I have a few with no backing that read 'admin'. I have a few more in high visibility colours that read MED.

With the exception of the MED tapes, I use mine for simple ID - at any sponsored event, I will be instantly recognizable. Kinda like a nametag, for cool kids.  =)

The MED tapes have a more practical ideal. I attach them to my IFAK pouches for instant recognition. If I ever had to tell someone to retrieve my first aid kit, I could instruct them to get the one with the red tag.

The tapes are well done. Perfect, in fact. Every tape I have ever ordered has come from this company - and I'll do it again. If you need nametapes, get them from The velcro hasn't come off of tapes I've had for years and the colours don't fade.

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