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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Review: Cheap Cree Lights - side by side.

Another budget light review - and yeah, we're well aware that there are more expensive, feature-rich alternatives out there. These lights are ideal for someone dabbling in the flashlight market, or for those that need a decent light at a decent price point - but nothing to stake your life on.

We're looking at the Ultrafire WF-501B and the WF-502B - both with Cree hardware out of the box.

I didn't have a very long time to look at these lights - they were both loaners from a private collection. I had enough time to get a good handle on each and to play with some of the modes, but that's about it. I can't give an honest opinion on the long term utility of these lights, or a battery life observation - but a good idea of what to expect out of the box.

Both lights are well suited to a tool-belt light or even as a weapon light. Attached via a rail or used in one hand, both lights seem capable of handling most rough-use requirements that I can think of, minus the most extreme circumstances. They are solidly built with longevity in mind.

Both lights feature a tail-cap clicky switch. I'm a fan of this design as it lends it's use to multiple philosophies. Each switch is very responsive and feels sturdy enough to withstand the use of an adrenaline-induced 'hard' click. The modes are easy to switch between and are plainly visible to the average user.

Again, I didn't have the time to conduct a full review on these models, but would suggest them to anyone looking for a secondary light source or as a cheaper alternative to popular weapon lights.

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