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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Review: Kershaw 1900 E.T.

The first thing I thought of when I picked this thing up;

"What the hell is this thing for?"

After looking online, I still havn't come up with a solid reason for owning this knife. Borrowed from a friend, it seems this knife best fits the 'collector' POU but I could be wrong - I couldn't even figure out the 'correct' way to open the darn thing. If you know any more about this blade and it's reasonable use, feel free to leave a comment.

The specs are as follows:

• Blade Detail: Plain
• Blade Length: 3.25"
• Blade Material: Sandvik 13C26
• Carry System: Removable Clip
• Handle Material: Aluminum, Black
• Lock Style: Toggle Lock
• Overall Length: 8"
• Special Features: Built-in Carabiner
• Made In: United States

I'm sure this thing has a specific purpose. It's light as anything and very sharp - I'm just not sure of it's intended philosophy of use - and that could be something I'm very unfamiliar with.

It fills out my hand very well and the frame - or lack there of - is skeletonized to keep it light weight. Even passing this around to a few friends, we couldn't figure out the exact purpose for this knife, besides being a cool collector piece and just overall, a cool looking knife.

It's got a built in carabiner attachment point on the blade itself and a very sturdy pocket clip. I couldn't figure out a fast way to open this particular model, but I'm sure that has more to do with my uneducated handling of the knife than anything else. I'm sure this knife has a specific purpose, and any indication of this would be appreciated on our facebook page or as a comment to this post. Little help?

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