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Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Congradulations to J. Hull - A facebook poster, on winning the first ever giveaway!

We had a number of submissions - everything from hatbands (which were initially slated to win, because I thought it would make such a cool project) suggested by Gary, multiple posts on CGN that unfortunately couldn't be taken as official entries (c'mon, it wouldn't be fair to the guys that followed the only rules I set out.), a rifle sling that Eric suggested and many more.

The one that got me was a suggestion that made me really think. A paracord belt - sure, an project many of us had heard about. But here's the kicker - Mr. Hull made the argument for the weave itself, separate from the design. His thinking basically states that if you really NEED a good length of paracord in a hurry, it's hard to untangle the typical Cobra or King Cobra weave style - but that this project would allow you access to all the paracord included in it, really quickly.

I like that - a good argument with solid proof.

Stay tuned for our next giveaway, SOE Tactical's 12g Micro Rig.

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