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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Review: SOG - Sogzilla

The SOGZilla - Quality EDC
This weekend we had the chance to handle a SOG pocket folder. At just over fifty dollars, the SOGZilla will more than likely fit the bill for an EDC folding blade for most people. It's sleek, stylish and practical.

The blade is manually opened by folding it out from the handle. The thumb-slot fits comfortably for an easily opened flick. The grip on the handle is more aesthetic than anything. Of course, it holds nicely in the hand and prevents a degree of slipping, but I doubt it would make the difference in the long run or prove to be a deal-maker for most people. It works, but it's not super important.

This model is stainless and black. After being used for easily three or more months, it's blade is still super sharp. It's been used as an EDC knife since it's purchase and after a quick wipe off for photos, looks good as new. I think that really says something for the quality you'll get with a manufacturer like SOG.

To be completely honest, the knife sits a little thin in my hands. That, combined with the shape of the blade makes this particular knife not such a must-have for me, personally. It's super sharp, really easy to use and very reliable, but it boils down to a 'second kind of cool' thing for me. It's just not my cup of tea - dig?

Beyond that, the knife hosts a locking mechanism that is as old as the hills. The lock sits along the backside of the handle. You've got to push it in to unlock the blade from its in-use, forward position. I didn't want to fully stress the lock as it's not my knife, but giving it a good squeeze, the blade isn't going anywhere. I could see this blade used as a practical EDC folder for most people - anyone depending on their knife for more tedious and unforgiving tasks like prying or chopping might want to look at something a little more beefy.

There's a nice sized hole on the bottom end of the handle for attaching a lanyard or some other kind of retention device. I like that. All too often, it seems some knives put the hole on the bottom as an afterthought with barely enough room for dental floss, never mind 550 paracord.

The pocket clip is screwed into the handle with one screw seated behind the clip itself. It's strong and sturdy. It's user has had it in and out of pants pockets for a few months now, with little to no lasting effect on the clip itself. Even slipping it into my pocket, it clips on to the edge and holds true. I'm not sure what material it's made of, but it works.

SOG lists the specs as follows:

Blade Length 3.8" x .100"
Overall Length 8.54"
Weight 5.6 oz.
Edge Straight
Steel 8Cr13MoV
HRC 57-58
Handle Stainless Steel
Finish Satin Polish
Includes Pocket Clip
Country of Origin China

Easily adapted as an EDC addition, I really believe this knife presents a value to be had in it's just-past-fifty dollar price tag. It doesn't meet my specific needs for that 'second-kind-of-cool' factor, but presents itself as a practical and rational choice for carrying every day.

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