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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Review: Professional Survival Solutions

Book Review: James Shepherd-Barron.

Professional Survival Solutions; “Everything that follows is based on recent, real-life experience that has been proven to work.”

Review by: Forest Sight

          In short, this is the best urban and deep field survival guide I have read… and I have read a lot. The author here has wonderfully put together a book with everything you should know if traveling abroad, be it vacationing in Europe or fighting in the theater of war in the Middle East.

This information is some of the most logical and descriptive solutions I have ever read up on. The author who by trade was a NATO peace-keeper and aid worker has presented all the necessary tips, skills and philosophies to get you through the experience of deep-field operations. The book is filled with real life dramas and situations that arise when in natural disasters, crisis relief efforts and military negotiations. If you ever wanted to get a start on being a real life MacGyver or James Bond, this is the book for you. The info that the author and his aid worker friends describe here run the gambit from first aid to hostage negotiations, to how to survive a riot. The chapters are filled with all sorts of things to consider in worst case situations as well as cultural differences and customs.

          This book is a dump truck of knowledge and common sense solutions to the most unthinkable occurrences in foreign countries. Half way through the read I thought to myself “I hope our troops over seas have read this and why isn’t it required reading?” I wish all of you could have a chance to browse this beauty.  I’m no operator or specialist but this should be common reading in high school or for anyone traveling to a 2nd or 3rd. world nation, for fun or humanitarian reasons. Again, anything from running from dogs to dodging bullets is contained therein these pages. The stories to the preparedness aspects of deep field scenarios are a genuine look into real world realities.

          To sum up the whole of this work is that you can’t go wrong with this helpful information. With only 237 pages and at a cost of $10.99 CAD this little gem will have you chuckling to almost trembling. By the way Page 237 is my favorite.

: Professional Survival Solutions; “Everything that follows is based on recent, real-life experience that has been proven to work.”


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