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Friday, August 12, 2011

Preparedness ≠ Paranoia

There's something important to remember in all of this. In preparing, in training and in life. There's a big difference between preparedness and paranoia.

There has to be a line somewhere, however. We, in prepping for what may - or more importantly, what MAY NOT - must remember to keep full and rich lives ahead of our planning. It is important to be prepared, yes - but at the end of the day you can only do what you can do.

This does not mean taking a half-assed approach to everything. It means smelling the roses, enjoying sunny days and taking care of ourselves. Some things are bound to happen. Power outages, short and long are historically PROVEN to happen in times of over-consumed power in the summer and from stormy weather in the winter. This isn't to say that power outages are confined only to these times, only that they are historically more prevalent during these times. We should use this knowledge to prepare for events on certain proven timelines.

Events that transpire as one-off things require a different mindset. Terrorist attacks, widespread rioting and localized crime are prime examples of this. All of these things have occurred in Canada very recently, with the exclusion of terrorism. Though the threat has been present, nobody - thankfully - has succeeded in an attack. These events require a sort of long-term plan that only real 'preparedness' can affect. Though it is unlikely, it is not IMPOSSIBLE for these events to occur. That is why we prepare.

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