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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Review: S&W Bullseye

I picked up the S&W Bullseye at a local army surplus store, brand new for about 25 bucks as I remember it. I just wanted a fixed blade knife to supplement my vehicle EDC bag. I picked this one out for one reason - I recognized the brand. At the time, I had limited experience with blades and didn't know what to look for. It's a decent blade, but it's far from perfect.

I guess for this blade, it's all about POU. Made with 440C steel, it's strong enough for most tasks. I'm not sure how it would perform in the long-term given it's one major flaw - it's not full tang. The steels narrows to a rounded point around the second screw and does not maintain the shape of the blade itself. I'm not sure how comfortable this would be after multiple cutting tasks as the grip can move around a little bit if you really squeeze it.

It came with a nylon sheath that feels quite durable. I doubt any work that I put this knife through will damage the sheath in any way - aside from the usual fray and wear it would see as a result of being thrown around a little. The knife sits in there snug and closes with a velcro strap. I wound some 550 cord around it to make good use of the space I have in my vehicle bag.

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The handle just feels like rubber. It's got a good grip and my fingers fit correctly into the grooves cut out on the handle itself. It's comfortable to hold but a little tiny bit unbalanced towards the blade end - I think that's more to do with the strange tang design than anything else.

A good knife at a good price - I guess, depending on where you get it. If you're just looking for an economy blade there are better choices out there, but this will do most cutting jobs in a pinch.

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