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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Review: Kershaw Shallot

A couple of things to get us going here - I got a new knife, and a new flash for my camera. What an awesome opportunity to test out my new piece of kit, by taking pictures of more kit!

If any of you followed the thread on the forum about my recent spending, this new flash is the outcome of that conundrum. It's more of a generic flash for my camera but certainly an upgrade from what I was using for lighting, and I won't even post that picture. It even gives DIY a bad name...

So - I got a new knife.The Kershaw 'Shallot'.

As a gift, I received this knife a few days ago. I havn't really put it through any real cut tests but I have substituted it into place as my current EDC blade. It's done some minor cutting jobs fluidly, just as a new blade should. The real test will come with it's first introduction to drywall - a last resort to shove any blade into that material but a true test to stay on me as an EDC carry option.

It's thinner than my last Kershaw EDC knife, the Clash. The other thing that I like is the way the frame locking system has been incorporated into this knife. The lock is a part of the handle itself - that really cuts down on weight and size. There's no handle outside of the lock itself.

The blade is sleek and sharp out of the box. I got the choice between a serrated edge or not - I went with the serrated one. Why? I kind of look at it as another tool on the tool itself - for the heavier cutting tasks.

The hardware on this knife kind of reminds me of the Leek, with the three body screws and one pivot screw, it's a design found on quite a few Kershaw models. This one has the same pocket clip that I've accredited Kershaw for including before - screwed to the body, not inside it. It sits nicely in my pocket and draws quickly.

The blade deploys quickly by the use of Kershaw's SpeedSafe system. It snaps into place and stays there - rigid and ready to cut. Made with Sandvik 13C26 steel - I'm sure this blade will stand up to most anything I can put it into.

I'm pleased with the overall feel of this knife - it's light and fast, a nice change from my more clunky previous EDC folder. It is a little 'intimidating' however, and you'll need to fit this knife into your own POU as you see fit. A good folder at a reasonable price - free for me!

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Thanks Dad!

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