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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Review: Self Sufficiency for the 21st Century

I got this book - along with another one - from a buddy of mine recently. It has diligently stood the test of time beside my middle-floor toilet and I've learned a TON from it.

It's written by two guys who appear quite often in the high-gloss photos within the book. One older, one younger, they really seem to know what they're talking about. They are often pictured participating in the activities they describe, which is a nice change from the typical 'do what I say'  mentality behind self sufficiency books.
I literally can not list all of the topics this book covers. They take a shotgun approach by writing on many topics briefly - allowing the reader to more fully research the topics that interest them. From breadmaking to blacksmithing, these guys seem to have a little knowledge on just about every aspect of living 'off the grid' - something I think many people strive to do.

There's a lot of very useful information in this book. Some of it isn't as practical for some - keeping pigs and butchering cows is a far cry from city life. That said, it's stuff you should take in all the same. You never know.

For myself, I found the pages regarding gardening the most valuable. From building flatbeds to methods of composting, I took in quite a bit of information about inner-city gardening. What I like most about their approach is the fact that they're not just telling you how to build a garden, they're showing you pictures of the gardens they've built to exemplify the methods they publish.

Some hardcore 'off grid' folks will surely scoff at this book but it serves two important purposes; it introduces method and philosophy to the 'non believers' and furthers the understanding of those already on board. 

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