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Saturday, August 13, 2011

(soft) Launch of CSD forums - 2.0!

If any of you were here while CSD was a fledgling 'proboards' forum, you'll likely remember the time you clicked on the link to find the blog in it's place. I thought the blog was more conducive to the content-delivery system I wanted to have. Since then, I've gotten the site to basically where I want it to be. There's a few things that need some polishing but beyond that, it's certainly grown since the early days.

I've started up a forum based on some advice by ASC user Wilson and some feedback I've received from a few different CSD readers. I'm in the process of making a few changes and deciding on even more. In the future I can see a rework to the way CSD is provided to you, the reader. Until then, I've gone with some free alternatives - until I see if there is enough interest generated to warrant dropping the cash on upgrades.

You'll find a link to a forum post for every review we do from here on out - I might go back to each review and create posts if I can find the time. So now you've got a few different ways to interact with each author and each article - youtube, facebook, as a comment on the post and now - a forum.

We'll call this a soft release (that's what she said) - I want to see what kind of interest the forum generates and we'll go from there. Feel free to drop in the live-chat session too.

Keep in mind that the forum is very beta as well - if you can see room for improvement, POST.

Thanks to all for reading and getting our community this far already.

Here goes nothin'  - check out the thread on our forum for this post, HERE.

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  1. It's a little bright on my monitor.