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Thursday, August 4, 2011

You hear a sound...

As my wife was jogging with our dog through one of the neighbourhoods close to ours, she heard a scream. As I have tried to explain to people, my wife tried to explain it to me. It was a 'scream', not a 'yell'. People, especially in the summer time, yell very often. There's all kinds of kids around too, having fun in the sun.

This instance, however, was different. Almost immediately following the noise was the clear sight of a male fleeing from the direction of the commotion. A scary thing to witness - not knowing what's going on, but my wife moved towards the location of the situation. She saw a younger female being lead towards a house, yelling and very upset. She called 911. The police arrived, a statement was taken and a little blurb in the newspaper gave us some closure - the bastard'd been caught.

The point isn't in the story itself, but you can pull a great lesson from all of this.

After everything had calmed down, we had a great chat about how she used the O O D A loop - even without consciously thinking about it. It's amazing how, even with the slightest amount of mindset training, it takes over in the face of crisis. She was able to put together her most rational decision and act on it.

These types of situations can happen anywhere. People lose their tempers all the time, and sometimes those scenarios can lead to medical emergencies - now there's a number of variables involved. It can occur at your cottage, in the suburbs, at a coffee shop or in the country. Human emotion is not limited by the same constructs that our feet are.

Take tomorrow as an opportunity to practise honing your auditory and visual skills. Just take a moment to stop and listen. Picking up on what's going on around you while still interacting with your environment. Can you explain what's happening around you while having your eyes closed?

Also take a moment to think about the differences between the types of 'outbursts' you could hear from a person. Think about what your reaction might be - and the legal, ethical and moral boundaries that might prevent you from doing what you think is 'right'.

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