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Friday, August 12, 2011

Review: Boker reality series folder

I bought this knife based on a few things; it was supposed to be an assisted opener and a decent EDC blade. I got it from S&R knives in Canada and had it shipped to me as a pick-it-yourself gift from my wife for Christmas.

I got the knife and on getting it out of the packaging I noticed a few things right off the top; this knife will serve me more as a specialty piece and - wow, these guys are really focused on the 'fighting' element of this blade series. The packaging included had some flyers regarding the 'fighting' system this blade was based on. That's good and fine as eye candy but I need'nt remind our readers of the legalities surrounding this mindset. Be very careful of where you wear / use a knife like this. This knife looks like a weapon - make no two ways about it - it's got a window popper on the tail end and finger grooves on the handle. It'd make a good companion knife on the range, but not in the office.

I had the opportunity to really test this blade lately. I was up at my cottage and put it to work trimming up some wood to get a fire started. On a few passes, the locking mechanism broke completely. Not only does the knife not stay open now, it can be unlocked with the pressure of my thumb on the back end of the blade. Admittedly, I put the knife through more work than it was cut out for - but you should keep that in mind when purchasing this knife. It's made well, but this is not a knife I would stake my life on.

It's a cool looking knife - and it fits my hand well. The specs can be found online - but I havn't found a credible source.

For the price - anywhere from 50 to 80 bucks online; keep looking. This knife is NOT worth the money. Especially given that most retailers in Canada will not sell this as an assisted opener, you really have to dig your thumb into that button to release the lock. I wouldn't have bought this knife, had I known - but it makes another addition to my knife drawer.

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