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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Review: Condor map pouch

This is another little piece of kit that blends so well into my system that I forgot it was separate from my range kit. It's built well enough for the price tag that accompanies it - 20 bucks... go get it.

There is a good sized Velcro panel on the front for attaching nametapes or morale patches. All the seams along the outside of the pouch seem strong enough for mild usage. Again, it's awkward for me to describe the real-world durability of gear used in a combat situation - I've never been there. I can only describe it from my standpoint - some throwing around and mild range usage.

This pouch folds open twice. The front folds open with some spots to contain paperwork, cards or other small items behind the plastic. I'm not sure how well this would hold up to sharper or wider things being stored there - I think it's primary POU is for the storage of paperwork. I use this space to keep all of my registration papers for the firearms I have with me, copies of my license and test papers and anything else I think would be useful to a range officer in asking anything about my activities.

The front panel can also be pulled up to show a few spots to hold writing utensils. There's another spot for some paper or small item storage too.

In the back end of the pouch, it folds out to hold a larger map, folded paper, documents or otherwise. It's all held in place by some Velcro panelling on the inside of the large back pouch. In this way, the plastic folding container can be completely removed if the user wishes. I haven't had the need to test the waterproof capabilities of this unit - I havn't even had it in the rain. I'm confident that it would keep the contents reasonably dry, based on my handling of it.

When you sit back and take a look at a piece of kit like this, you have to keep in mind a few different things. It's twenty bucks - brand new, off the shelf. So therefore, you're going to be getting a piece of gear that is in all likelyhood not made to the same standards as higher-priced gear. In saying that, if you're looking for a light-use kit that conforms to your own personal POU and maybe fits into that 'second-kind-of-cool'... then why not?

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